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Simple Steps to Avoid Headaches During Divorce
July 19, 2016

Man holding his head in his handsA great motto for any family law attorney is, "Hope for the best but prepare for the worst." When you file for divorce, you hope that your spouse will take the news as well as possible. However, you should be prepared for the worst, for your spouse to lash out against you. This kind of behavior by your spouse can cause real headaches for you once your divorce case is underway. However, you can take several simple steps before filing your case to avoid the significant headaches that may come with your spouse's bad behavior during your divorce.

Before we discuss what these steps are, it's important to note that a temporary restraining order signed by the court is meant to prevent the kind of vengeful conduct we will discuss below. Certainly a request for a temporary restraining order should be included in any divorce filing if there's a concern your spouse could lash out against you. However, taking the simple and practical steps below provides you an extra layer of protection.

Secure Your Important Documents

One way for your spouse to lash out is to ransack your home and runoff with all your important documents. Retrieving these documents during the divorce can be time consuming, expensive and, at times, futile. So, if you are about to file for divorce, you should secure all your important documents before filing. Common documents that should be secured include your passport, birth certificate, property ownership documents, financial records and identification cards. If there are any other documents that you value or need on a regular basis, secure them also. The best way to secure a document is to store it outside of your home at a location your spouse does not have access to, ideally a safe deposit box in your name only.

Change Your Passwords

Imagine the damage your spouse could do to you if he or she intends to hurt you and has access to your email accounts, online financial accounts, online shopping accounts or social media accounts. If you are about to file for divorce, you should change all the passwords for your online accounts. When creating new passwords, you shouldn't use common patterns from past passwords or family information.

Secure Your Valuables

Jewelry, keepsakes and heirlooms often disappear during divorces. Once the divorce has started, these items can be especially hard to get back or even prove exist because usually there's no purchase receipt or other proof of existence or value. Much like with your important documents, move these items outside of your home to a location your spouse does not have access to, ideally a safe deposit box in your name only.

Remove Firearms from the Home

There are unfortunately repeated tragic stories in the media of firearm deaths of spouses and their children perpetrated by individuals who just found out their spouse filed for divorce. If you have firearms in your home, remove them from your home before you file for divorce. Find a safe, legal and secure storage location to which your spouse does not have access for all firearms.

Create Your Own Financial Accounts

If you already don't have your own bank account, get one before filing for divorce and start depositing your pay into that account. If you and your spouse have joint bank accounts with significant sums of money, open a bank account in your name and move half the money in the joint accounts into your new account. The goal isn't to hide the money from your spouse. The goal is to make sure you have money to live off during the divorce. Otherwise, you will have a hard time getting by if your spouse decides to empty the joint accounts after finding out you filed for divorce. You should also get your own credit card in case your spouse decides to cancel any credit card accounts in both your names.

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